Thank you Julia, for the art course. It is something that I have always wanted to do. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and eagerly looked forward to my evening each week. I appreciated you sharing your knowledge and passion. It has given me a great foundation on which to build and has ignited my interest even more.

Gill H (Adult student)


Fantastic, gentle after school activity for children of all ages. Julia is a kind and patient teacher who really inspires the students. Small groups make these classes a valuable learning experience.

Helen (Art Start and Art Step Up parent)


I found you a very enthusiastic teacher; and one who gave valuable advice on art materials, on colours and other matters.

HM (Adult student)


I stopped painting for many years, but I wanted to get started again. Julia's art classes have inspired me to enjoy painting and drawing once again.

JB (Experienced artist)


Julia gave me an excellent basic understanding of how to use watercolours. Also how to observe light and shade when setting out a drawing.



I thoroughly enjoyed Julia's art lessons. They were relaxed and informative.

Clare Morvan


She is totally honest, responsible, a dedicated teacher, both for
children and adults, she has dedicated much of her life from an early age to an all round knowledge of Art, both painting and history of it! 
Her enthusiasm for Art is deep and inspiring! To learn from her is truly exciting, and I recommend anyone looking for a new, or long term, desire to go deeper into the world of art, to waste no time dithering, but make contact as soon as you can with Julia.

Jennifer DF


Julia's skilful demonstrations and enthusiasm encouraged me to try a variety of styles and subjects. A most enjoyable course.

Berinda S