I am available to run a one day art workshop for you and your guests; your choice of theme/ skill/ materials. . Please contact me at least three weeks before, longer if possible, as I may need to source some special materials.

I run one day or shorter duration workshops in my studio which include all materials. Adults or children. Watercolours, acrylics, drawing, printing, sculpture and more. Themes including Christmas and Easter. I am also the Golden Artist Educator for Jersey and beyond, and can provide workshops specifically in the use of Golden Artist Colors a versatile and high quality range of paints. I use other brands too. For details contact me or visit for announcements.

As a qualified, experienced teacher, registered on the States of Jersey schools list, I am available to provide workshops in schools and teacher in service training in art. I have decades of experience of teaching art to all abilities, full classes, on a budget and in classrooms that do not always have ideal facilities, such as a sink. To arrange a meeting contact me.