About Julia

Julia Renault is always working through several areas of on going artistic interest, simultaneously.

She is often out and about drawing trees with character, many of which are then developed into paintings. Her favoured paints are acrylics and watercolour. Most of the trees are found in Jersey where they are shaped by either the prevailing wind or the challenge of growing in a small place. Occasional forays to the other Channel Islands, particularly Herm, and mature woodlands in France and UK provide visual material.

Living near the sea, with one of the largest tidal differences in the world, Julia never ceases to be fascinated by the sea. A particular delight is rising early to paint the sun rise over the French coast.

Drawing the human figure has been a fascinating challenge for Julia, from a young age. She makes full length figure drawings and paintings and portraits. In portraiture, Julia always tries to put some of the essence of the person into the artwork, and in this way art can speak beyond the photographic record. Traditional oil paints are used in Julia’s portraits.

Since 2012, Julia has returned to her fascination with the structure of the human body through an ongoing formal study of anatomy. When you see her work, it comes as no surprise that her two favourite subjects of study were Biology and Art while at school! The skeleton pictures are drawn from life using medical skeletons and the dissection/ internal body pictures are drawn from prepared specimens found in medical museums. Originally, started as an artistic and intellectual exercise to "improve" the portrayal of the human figure, anatomical artistic studies have now become a branch of work in their own right and are vehicles for reflection on humanity and life. Marvel at how beautifully and fearfully we are made!

Artwork for sale on this website and in Jersey. Export possible – please enquire.

Julia Renault is a qualified teacher and artist, educated to degree level at a UK university, with specific teaching qualifications. She works competently in a range of media and teaches a range of artistic media. She regularly engages in post-qualification training with leading artists around the world and is a Golden Artist Educator.

Julia has over twenty five years experience of teaching in schools, and also privately to individuals and groups of both adults and children/ teenagers. Having supportive, knowledgeable and skilled teachers is vital for artistic development - whatever your stage of artistic development. Julia is happy to discuss your art tuition requirements for yourself as an adult artist (beginner or more experienced) or for your child / teenager. Absolute beginner adults most welcome, as well as anybody who is seeking to develop their art. She is also available to schools and organisations for workshops and other teaching programs.