Julia Renault is an artist, educated to degree level at a UK university, with specific teaching qualifications. Full site menu at top right of this page. Click on those three little lines - computer people call them hamburger - basically,  it is a neat way of showing where all of the interesting parts of this art website are, all your courses, art for sale and other info. 

Julia works in paint - oils, acrylics and watercolours but not simultaneously. Her portraits are in oils only. The scope of Julia’s art includes plants and flowers, the natural environment, portraits and commissions. She has been trained in traditional methods of portrait painting. She demonstrates exactitude in all her painting from the most intricate flower to the atmosphere of misty rural landscapes. 

Tuition available. Please see Courses Section for adult afternoon and evening courses; Art For Young People after school and relaunched after a gap: AFYP Art Start for little ones. Workshops i.e. one off sessions on a occasional basis available this August. All applicants must complete the application form which is available as a link on each course page. To find out more click on that hamburger at the top right corner of this page, to see a menu of courses. 



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